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Vital Connexions has been offering training in counselling, couples counselling and counselling supervision for over 25 years. Learn more about who we are, the approach we take, our values and our passions. Read about what we’ve been doing and find out what’s coming up over the next few months. Our range of externally validated counselling training courses includes short introductory programmes  as well as a two-year Diploma in Integrative Counselling course (C.O.S.C.A) accredited) , a Certificate in Couple Counselling and a Diploma in Counsellor Supervision (I.A.C.P. accredited).

The well established focus on relationship coaching and couples counselling features short courses, private days for couples intensives, and residential weekends. The coaching services include a two day intensive one to one Life Plan which will help you in transitions to strategize for the next season in your life. The Life Plan process is for those who want to make their greatest contribution, and live the life they were meant to live. We know that many people are not sure what to do next. Life is passing them by and they know that life we have been given, is too amazing to waste. We have helped many who have felt stuck, to find vision for their lives and live with purpose. We also have a heart to help churches and NGO’s in Asia, Malaysia, China, and South Africa and offer short training courses yearly to encourage Pastors and Counselling Agencies.


Watch our new Training Promotion for the Diploma in Integrative Counselling  – A Christian Perspective…..


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Advanced Certificate in Couple Counselling DUBLIN – down load here Couples Leaflet Dublin 2017-8 starts 3rd October. A few places still available.


ONE TO ONE “LIFE PLAN”  based on the Paterson Centre Model  delivered in a two day intensive. More


Courses we offer include:

  • Strength to Strength  is our Foundation Course in Christian Counselling.   Next courses will be held  in Belfast and Edinburgh in March and April 2019.  If you have a group of over 12 participants in your area, that are interested please email us for local courses nationally and internationally.
  • Diploma in Integrative Counselling – a Christian perspective –  next course September 2017 Belfast and Edinburgh.
  • Diploma in Counselling Supervision Dublin, starts again in August 2017.
  • Next Couple counselling Courses will be run from October in Dublin.  Please contact us for further details on

couples counselling

Our programme for couples include:

  • workshops
  • private sessions
  • weekend retreats



Life Plans

If you are wondering what the next step in your journey might be, where you are and where you want to go, the Paterson Life Plan might be a great resource for you to invest in.    Answer these short questions and see if the life Plan might help you.

Life Plan Questionnaire

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latest blog

Current Diploma Groups
by Andrea on 28 July, 2017

NEW DIPLOMA COURSES IN EDINBURGH AND IN BELFAST  begin in September 2017. Applications have now closed for these Diploma courses as all available places have been filled.

Strength to Strength Foundation Course  will be held in March and April 2019 in Belfast and in March and April and in Edinburgh in March 2019

Strength to Strength 
This course is for anyone who wishes to move from Strength to Strength. It is also the new introductory course for the Diploma in Christian Counselling. The teaching embraces theology and psychology and will offer Christian principles such as Tri-dimensional Healing, Flourishing and Thriving and Post Traumatic Growth.


Andrea and Vicky hope to be returning to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in November 2017 to teach  and train Counsellors in Phnom Penh University, and minister in I.C.A. church.






LISTEN to one of Andrea’s latest talks called ‘And when they prayed….‘.




Andrea and Vicky run busy Counselling centres and also offer private work as well has having involvement in different ministry settings both at home and abroad. Keep up to date with their latest new and thoughts here.