Current Diploma Groups

NEW DIPLOMA COURSES IN EDINBURGH AND IN BELFAST  begin in September 2017. Applications have now closed for these Diploma courses as all available places have been filled.

Strength to Strength Foundation Course  will be held in March and April 2019 in Belfast and in March and April and in Edinburgh in March 2019

Strength to Strength 
This course is for anyone who wishes to move from Strength to Strength. It is also the new introductory course for the Diploma in Christian Counselling. The teaching embraces theology and psychology and will offer Christian principles such as Tri-dimensional Healing, Flourishing and Thriving and Post Traumatic Growth.


Andrea and Vicky hope to be returning to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in November 2017 to teach  and train Counsellors in Phnom Penh University, and minister in I.C.A. church.






LISTEN to one of Andrea’s latest talks called ‘And when they prayed….‘.




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