Teaching trips 2017-2018

NEXT TRIP TO PHNOM PENH November 2017. We will be visiting  ICA Church to bring inspiration and encouragement. We will also be teaching in the Khmer language in the Counselling department of Phnom Penh University.  Our hope is to be able to offer the next level of training here in order to help raise up an army of Counsellors who can work with the many people who have been trafficked, abused and distressed.

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In November 2015 Andrea and Vicky travelled  to Borneo to teach Listening with the Heart in the mountain region of Bario.

This was an exciting trip for us and something we have wanted to do with our friend Lillian Dorai for some years.  We travelled to Kuala Lumpar then on to Miri and then flew to Bario.

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