LIFE PLAN COACHING (2 days intensive)



Both Andrea and Vicky are qualified Paterson Life Plan         Facilitators.





Who would benefit from the Life Plan?

  • Those involved in business,
  • Leaders and those who have an executive role
  • Ministers or people involved in pastoral leadership
  • Counsellors and Supervisors
  • Anyone who wants strategies for the way forward

Maybe you are being pulled in many directions and are not sure which way to go in the next stage of your life? Maybe you feel life is passing you by? Some of you may be looking for a life with meaning and direction.  Life Plan has helped over 3000 people who have been feeling a bit stuck or unsure of what comes next.

LifePlan is a two-day, one-on-one process where you have time to
1. We gain perspective on your life.

2. We create your LifePlan.

3. We plan to execute your LifePlan.

4. We prepare ways to renew your LifePlan.

WE WILL EXPLORE THE QUESTIONS “Where am I now?” (Perspective),  “What is important now?” (Planning) “How am I doing?” (Management) and “What needs to change?” (Renewal).

You will leave with a clearer perspective on:

  • What defines me and what must I do?
  • Where am I headed and how do I get there?

You will also gain clarity and find meaning in all 5 life areas” Personal, Family, Vocation, Faith and Community, and two weeks after your Life Plan Intensive you will receive your life plan in a folder.

Click below to see an example of a Life Plan on a page


LIFE PLAN QUESTIONNAIRE  Life Plan Questionnaire






Book a consultation with Andrea Wigglesworth ( in North Queensferry, Scotland.  0044 1383 325 747

or Vicky McEvoy

in Dublin, Ireland. 00 353 1 906 6043